About Us

About Us

Our Mission

To replace and save the natural resources.

To improve the supply of electricity to fulfill the demand.

To improve “GREEN” concept to the world.

To implement new technology for new era.

Reduce carbon dioxide to achieve micro emission.

Increase building value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the renewable energy industry to grow continuous based on our technical planning, aggressive strategies, market knowledge and our business partners.


I.S.E.C, which stands for Invest, Save, Earn & Clean Energy is a go green initiative introduced exclusively by Ray Go Solar. Homeowners, commercial business owners and organisations will be able to benefit from I.S.E.C. Clean renewable solar energy is now made more accessible to everyone.


Investing in a solar PV system from Ray Go Solar is the first step in converting electricity usage of homes and commercial businesses into a cost effective and greener alternative. A 15% yield of the initial investment is expected at the end of a 21 year period, the lifespan of a solar PV system.


Save on the cost of expensive monthly utility bills. Energy produced from solar energy is utilised to power electrical needs of homes and businesses first, this minimizes the dependence on electricity obtained from utility grids. As home and commercial business owners do not have to rely on electricity from the grid, solar PV owners will not need to pay for the electricity they did not use. Instead, solar PV owners are generating free solar energy from the sun. This directly turns into financial savings.


Generate a passive income by selling excess energy back to utility companies. During peak daylight hours, a PV system typically produces more energy than needed. Hence the excess energy generated from solar energy can be stored and sold back to authorized utility plants (Distributing Licensee) in Malaysia.

Clean Energy

Homeowners and commercial business owners are able to play a significant role in contributing back to the environment. Solar energy reduces the dependency on fossil fuels, relying on solar energy instead reduces air pollution while decreases greenhouse gases. Not only are home and business owners able to enjoy substantial financial benefits from I.S.E.C, a significant environmental impact is made in building a more cleaner and greener planet for everyone.



Chief Executive Officer


Dato Ray is a co-founder of Ray Go Solar which established in the year 2012. Rich Gold Solar (M) Sdn Bhd specializes in providing services on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Under the brand name of Ray Go Solar, the company is currently one of the leading system and service provider for a wide range of solar PV systems in Malaysia.

Ray Go Solar is an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) company whereby the team provides integrated solar services ranging from consultancy, product supply, installation and maintenance.

Ray Go Solar is home to a team of dedicated and committed individuals, in upholding the values and responsibilities of the company, Ray Go Solar strives to ensure delivery of quality service to our clients while we inspire communities to be the change in renewable energy the environment needs.